3 Tips How to Teach Languages With a Flashcard App

Let students create own Word lists during lessons

Give them 10 minutes to write any unknown words from a reading exercise in the language app Vocabulary Miner .

Tip 1

Result: Every student creates their very own vocabulary.  They can practice language after online class.

Create Word list ahead of class

Create a Word list with the topic you like to discuss with students.  Publish the Word list and  let your students know.

Tip 2

Result: Your students will have a chance to become familiar with new vocabulary. You can use quick web app  app.vocabulary-miner.com

Homework: Every student creates own Word list

Give students different topics to prepare vocabulary in the app for them and their peers. Each students will handle different topic and publish the Word list for others.

Tip 3

Result: Students have meaningful homework that helps expand vocabulary to the entire class.

WHY use a Flashcard app? - every sudents learns the words they need (smart algorithm SRS) - students practice language after class - any free 5 minutes can be now used to learn vocabulary in the app   - all vocabulary at one place

Students spend 5.7 hours per day on their phones and check their phone 58 times a day on average. Make their time worth spending!