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Shy to speak in a foreign language? If the answer is yes, choose Vocabulary Miner to create, learn, download, share and play with words.

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Learn fast and never forget

Thanks to the special algorithm you practice those elusive words that you keep forgetting. Take a look at the statistics for how many more words you already know.

Create and share your vocabulary

Create your own personal vocabulary. Publish Word lists for others to use and share the words with them.

Many languages in big database

Download words from a growing database with many languages. Our translators add topical word lists in 12 languages for you, too.

Android, iOS and Web

Learn words everywhere you go and on any device. It works on iPhone, iPad, Android. Use also a complementary web app for faster import of words even from Excel format.

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Clear and simple system. No ads. Offline mode. Import and export. Easy navigation.
Perfect design. More language settings.

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