Say more. You’ll remember the words this time.

Fill awkward silences. With your personal vocabulary trainer Vocabulary Miner you will remember every word. Brilliantly simple Flashcards turn foreign vocabulary into familiar one.

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People who learn with Vocabulary Miner

I downloaded the Word lists “Travel” and “At the airport” in Spanish.
Find it very useful with vocabulary that helps in everyday situations while traveling.

Eliška Jindrová from Krok ven

The app has a brilliantly simple learning method and controls.
The swiping of cards is just awesome not even mentioning the pronunciation of words and whole sentences. Nice job!

Michal Schwenger on Google Play

Works exactly as you’d hope. This app features a nice, clear interface and a wide selection of word categories.
I feel like I’m learning new words pretty quickly.

LuckyJimboUK on AppStore

The app helps me to learn more languages. It is my constant companion when I visit a foreign

Nick Bosh on Google Play

Amazing app for all language learners! This app is so useful and super easy to use.

Good Czech on Google Play

This is a great app. At last a flashcard app that allows you to write example sentences.

Emilie on AppStore

Brilliant! I have suggested my students downloading this app! I wish there were more languages available!

Federica from Berlino Schule

The app is very intuitive, simple, minimalistic, and for free to download. The average age of my students is between 35-55. It is really easy for them to learn with the help of Vocabulary Miner.

Markéta from My lessons

What can Vocabulary Miner do

Learn fast and never forget

Thanks to the special algorithm you practice those elusive words that you keep
forgetting. Take a look at the statistics for how many more words you already know.

Create and share your vocabulary

Create your own personal vocabulary. Publish Word lists for others to use and share the
words with them.

Learn whatever language you want

Download words from a growing database with many languages made by translators and other learners. Create own vocabulary sets without any language limits.

Anywhere and anytime – Android, iPhone, iPad, Web, offline

Learn words everywhere you go and whoever you are right now. Apple or Android fan, traveler in desert or in mountains. It works on any device, even offline. Web app makes import of words even faster. It is super easy.

Do you want more?

Download Vocabulary Miner for free. Create your own Word lists with no limits. Learn with algorithm for free.

No ads. Clear and simple system. Easy navigation. More language settings. As simple as possible.

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