Is Flashcard app Vocabulary Miner for free?

Yes and also no.

Vocabulary Miner is free:

What is the pricing of Vocabulary Miner if I don’t want to use free version?

⭐ Premium version is 59CZK (around 2,74USD)/month and 599CZK/year.

Vocabulary Miner pricing

Pricing of Vocabulary Miner includes downloading ready-to-go Word lists with no limits in any language.

Vocabulary Miner has Word lists made by lecturers, sorted in topics like The most common 1000 words and others. There are over 1 000 000+ Word lists in 15+ languages.

  • thousands of Word lists
  • many languages
  • various topics
  • organizing into levels
  • Word lists by lecturers, interesting topics, users, from textbooks


How can I delete my account?

Deletion of your account is right now available after contacting [email protected]. Let us know what email address you used to register and we will delete your account and all your information.

However, we are preparing a delete option within the app itself.


Where is the Vocabulary Miner community and where can I ask questions about Vocabulary Miner?

Join our Facebook group Learn vocabulary supported by Vocabulary Miner to have your questions answered by the community or the team behind Vocabulary Miner.


What are the alternatives to the Flashcard app Vocabulary Miner?

Like most of the apps, Vocabulary Miner has various alternatives. We put up together a short guide: The best Flashcard apps for vocabulary where you can see benefits of Vocabulary Miner and alternatives to them. However, AppStore and Google Play will show you also other options.


How can I add new words into Vocabulary Miner?

Vocabulary Miner is a mobile app with a web app complement. Thanks to the web app, you can create Word lists really quickly and also download them as .csv, .pdf, and printable Flashcards. You can also create Word lists from Google Translate results and have them at hand in Vocabulary Miner. Moreover, you can create vocabulary through a mobile app, too.

Printable Flashcards template by Vocabulary Miner


Why I have to sign up?

We know that you want to feel safe and private. We do not collect data for any ads companies but we need you to sign up:

  1. Because your data will not get lost when you change phones or lost your phone.
  2. Your devices are synchronized thanks to the sign-up so you can create Word lists on your web app and they pop up in your mobile app in real-time.
  3. If an error occurs, we have your data backed up on our server and we can restore them and your hard work is not lost.


Do you have any other questions?

Write us at [email protected] and we will answer any questions and probably add it here. 🙂