How to make printable Flashcards in 7 easy steps for free

Zuzana Oct 19

This article will answer your question how you can save time and create printable Flashcards in few clicks.

You only need 2 things.

This tutorial for free printable Flashcards will help you create Flashcards from

  • a Google spreadsheet, if you are looking for Google Sheets Flashcards
  • an Excel spreadsheet
  • Google Docs
  • almost anything
  • Create Printable Flashcards by Vocabulary Miner
    This is a printable Flashcard template you can create within 2 minutes with the words you need to learn or teach. So far, only example sentence for foreign language is available, but we are working on both.

You only need 2 things for this Flashcard template to download and print:

CTRL+C and CTRL+V (for Mac it is ⌘ + C and ⌘+V)


web app

You can get printable vocabulary Flashcards in pdf format (in a form of Flashcard template) that you will cut and fold. However, Vocabulary Miner web app can download vocabulary also in .csv.

After creating Flashcards, you can then

  • learn from printable Flashcards
  • use mobile app Vocabulary Miner to learn them with Flashcard method and spaced repetition algorithm

So, if you were asking yourself “Is there also a mobile app for my flashcards?” then you already had your answer. You can not only learn but also share vocabulary with others for free.

💡 TIP: And did you know you can create printable Flashcards also from Google Translate?

But let’s check it out step by step.

As a student of languages, you probably really want to spend time learning rather than creating Flashcards.

If you are a teacher you might want to find a fast Flashcard maker for teachers that will save your time for preparation.

How to make printable Flashcards

Let’s look at how to make your own Flashcards. You can make Flashcards online, then print them out or learn them in the Flashcard maker Vocabulary Miner.

If you are into video tutorial, in this video you will find how to create printable Flashcards.

1) Go to It is a free web app that enables you to easily create your own Flashcards.

Vocabulary Miner yellow white web app
The web app of Vocabulary Miner that enables import and export of Word lists in many languages.

2) Sign in the web app with your e-mail address, Facebook or Google.

🤔 Why to sign in the Flashcard maker app Vocabulary Miner? The Word lists you create will be safe, you cannot lose them – our server provides a backup for you thanks to the sign-in. Moreover, all your devices will be synchronized, and therefore, you can learn everywhere and offline, too.

web app sign in options of Vocabulary Miner
The Vocabulary Miner web app has more options for sign in.

3) Start creating your Word list by clicking at any PLUS sign you see. Name your Word list and choose the languages – the one you speak and the one you want to learn/teach.

create word list in vocbaulary miner
By clicking at any PLUS sign you start to create Flashcards.

4) How to make Flashcards faster? To make Flashcards from Google Docs or Flashcards from Google sheets really quick, click on “IMPORT WORDS” button on the right.

Go to your document or spreadsheet. Copy the words (CTRL+C, on Mac Command + C) and paste them (CTRL+V, on Mac Command + V) back into the Vocabulary Miner web app form. import web app vocabulary minerIf you want to import more words at once, click on IMPORT WORDS button in the Vocabulary Miner web app.

If you are not sure how to copy and paste, or you are more into video tutorial, check this video:

5) Click on IMPORT WORDS button. These Flashcards are already available in both apps, web app and also mobile app with effective spaced repetition. You can access them anywhere from any device by signing in with the same e-mail address.

6) Choose the Word list you just created and click on DOWNLOAD or EXPORT in the right upper corner.

download printable Flashcards in pdf
Download printable Flashcards in pdf or csv. You can choose the format you need.

7) Choose the format you need for your Flashcard template.

You can download your Flashcards in csv, in pdf or as printable Flashcards template.

Done! Good job.❤️

💡TIP: Did you know you can create printable Flashcards also from Google Translate? The very easy tutorial for printable Flashcards created by import from Google Translate is in this article How to create dictionary with Google Translate and Flashcards.

I promised you to look at the learning, too.

How to learn vocabulary with Flashcards?

So the second part, how to learn vocabulary with Flashcards? Check 4 easy tips to effectively learn vocabulary with Flashcards app.

WHY we suggest Flashcard app Vocabulary Miner?

In the article Our story: How frustration from learning vocabulary created Vocabulary Miner, there is an honest summary of what are the differences between other Flashcard apps and us from our point of view.

Good luck with finding the right app for your needs. We hope you say more every day!

How to use Vocabulary Miner app?

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