English to German – Episode 10: Final Review

Daniel Sep 21


Can you believe it? We’ve come to the end of our “English to German” journey together. Time really does fly when you’re having fun and learning! In this wrap-up episode, we’ll stroll down memory lane, revisiting the gems from our past lessons. It’s all about making sure those nuggets of knowledge truly sink in.

A Look Back

From our humble beginnings with basic pronouns to the vibrant world of colors and shopping, we’ve shared quite the adventure. We’ve chatted about family, counted numbers, dined on food vocabulary, planned travels, explored occupations, navigated cities, and even gave directions. Let’s take a moment to reminisce and review some of our series’ highlights.

From Episode 2: Remember when we started with: Ich bin (I am), Du bist (You are), and so on? Ah, good times!

From Episode 3: We introduced ourselves to the German family with words like Vater (Father) and Mutter (Mother).

From Episode 4: Counting became fun with Eins (One), Zwei (Two), and Drei (Three).

From Episode 5: Our taste buds tingled with Essen (Food) and Trinken (Drink) and who could forget Bier (Beer)?

From Episode 6: We packed our bags and embarked on a journey with Reisen (Travel) and Auto (Car).

From Episode 7: Time flew with Zeit (Time) and Uhr (Clock), and we met some cool professionals like Lehrer (Teacher).

From Episode 8: We roamed the city streets with Stadt (City) and Straße (Street) and found our way with Links (Left) and Rechts (Right).

From Episode 9: Shopping was a blast with Einkaufen (Shopping) and we painted our world with Rot (Red) and Blau (Blue).


Though this chapter is closing, your linguistic adventure is just beginning! Keep practicing, keep speaking, and most importantly, keep having fun with it. Maybe pen down a day in your life using our vocabulary or dream up a German city tour.

The Magic of Repetition

Remember, practice makes perfect. Revisiting our “English to German” episodes now and then will keep the language fresh in your mind. The more you play with the words, the more they’ll feel like old friends.

Chatting with the Locals

Our series has hopefully built your confidence. Now, take a leap and chat with native German speakers. It’s like learning to swim – sometimes, you’ve just got to jump in!

Dive Deeper

As you continue your “English to German” escapade, challenge yourself. Dive into German novels, watch German films without subtitles, or tune into German radio. The world is your linguistic oyster, and there’s so much more to explore.

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