4 easy tips to effectively learn vocabulary in a Flashcard app

Zuzana Nov 20

Do you want to hack your brain and find the most effective way to learn vocabulary? Spaced repetition system (SRS) is a method of effective repetition that not only The Guardian recommends.

So, are you looking for the best SRS app for language learning? You might find your candidate. Flashcards combined with SRS in vocabulary learning app Vocabulary Miner makes learning vocabulary in foreign language easy. You will remember the words this time!

Spaced repetition is a way to hack your brain.  Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

How to learn vocabulary fast?

1. A little goes a long way.  Learn vocabulary effectively. 15 minutes a day will do the magic.

Vocabulary builder app Vocabulary Miner works in learning cycles.

In every cycle you get 20 words based on the special algorithm behind the learning that puts the words you cannot remember more often in the learning process.  15 minutes of learning is pretty much enough for one learning session.

Vocabulary Miner algorithm
Each box also defines the repetition and time needed to learn the word. Words in box 2 will show the very next day but the words in box 8 will come up again in 90 days.

After some time, the app proposes to learn new words from a different Word list because the constant repetition of the same Word list won’t be effective anymore.

If you do not come back next days to practice the Word list, a notification will remind you to come and learn vocabulary in Vocabulary Miner because it is effective again.

Want to read more about when to come back and learn? College Infogeek has an awesome article on the history and effectivity of spaced repetition.

Why does it work like this:

  • Our brain cannot remember new information if it was exposed to it a lot but only in a short time. Cramming has a short-term effect and you forget easily. 
  • The brain remembers information that reoccurs regularly because the brain deems it important. You have to give your brain the feeling, that because the brain comes into contact with new words regularly, the new words are really important.
    (It is like any television advertisement that runs 10 times a day and you remember the melody and words after couple of months without trying. )
  • .  That is the way how to improve vocabulary fast.

2. Learn the words you cannot remember

Vocabulary Miner makes you actively recall the words from your memory, so it creates new neural pathways to the brain from the words in the learning cycle.

The words you don’t remember will pop up more often than the once you already remember.

TIP> Combine more Word lists so the spaced repetition system (SRS) can do the magic and practice with you the words you really don’t know. The more words, the more precise algorithm.

Learning options in Vocabulary Miner
Find this feature in Learning options in the upper right corner of screen when learning in the app Vocabulary Miner.

Why does it work like this:

  • Your brain needs to create a neural path between the word and its translation. You need to come across the word and its translation more often to create the neural path.
  • It is not effective to go through all new words. The algorithm choses the “hard-to-remember” ones and you learn them more often.

3. Change the language direction

Vocabulary Miner enables to switch the language you see the first on Flashcards.

It is a great start to see firstly the word in a language you are learning e.g. in English “car”. Try to recall its translation and then click on the Flashcard to see its translation in your native language e.g. in Czech “auto”.

In a short time you will remember the connection between car = auto.

Then it is effective to change the language direction and see firstly “auto” (in your native language) and then recall “car” from your memory as a new word in a foreign language.

TIP>You can change the language direction in “Learning options” of Vocabulary Miner in the right upper corner of Learning screen by clicking at three dots.


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Why does it work like this:

4. How to learn the words you really need?

The great way to learn new words you really need is to make your own vocabulary list.  In the Vocabulary Miner, the vocabulary builder, you can do it easily. Just follow this tutorial on how to Make your own Flashcards in the Flashcard app in 4 easy steps.

If you want to save some time, the vocabulary builder app Vocabulary Miner have a database of more than million ready-to-learn Flashcards in over 15 languages. You can learn immediately.

Why does it work like this?

  • When we create own Flashcards, we learn while creating
  • Downloaded Word lists save time

So do you already know how to learn new words fast? Let’s do it!

Do you wonder how the Flashcard app Vocabulary Miner came into existence? Then read our article How frustration from learning vocabulary created Vocabulary Miner.

Do you wonder what other Flashcard apps are and what is the difference between Vocabulary Miner and them? Read 2020 Update: Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Flashcard Apps for Learning Vocabulary.

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