2020 Update: Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Flashcard Apps for Learning Vocabulary

Zuzana Sep 17

…don’t get fooled, there is no such thing as the best Flashcard app for all.

This is an updated version of 2019 Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Flashcards Apps for Learning Vocabulary (for you) since several major changes occurred.

What is new among Anki, Memrise, Vocabulary Miner, Quizlet … in 2020? Let’s dive in!

mobile Flashcard apps
Which one is the one? Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

Scrolling through Quora and Google, you can find not only thousands of searches for “the best flashcard app to/for….” but also thousands of opinions on that matter.

Leo, an Italian teacher, shared with us on Instagram that in the world of language apps you have to find YOUR right one and listen to YOUR needs.

Find the right Flashcard app for you. Here is a very simple Flashcard app comparison divided into sections.

Summary of changes in 2020:

  • In 2020 there was a very unexpected decision of Duolingo – to disable Tinycards once and for all from 2020 September, 1.
  • Quizlet, Memrise, FluentU have now higher prices.
  • Quizlet has new algorithm.
  • Vocabulary Miner has new blog and Instagram.

Figure out the basics when finding the best Flashcard app for you

Think about what matters to you.  Ask yourself questions bellow and check the table. Find YOUR match among Anki, Vocabulary Miner, Quizlet, Memrise, TinyCards, Busuu, and FluentU.

Basic questions to ask yourself when choosing the right Flashcard app:

  • How much?
  • What device do I use (Android, iOS…)?
  • How easy and nice is app to use?
  • Can I learn offline in the app?
  • What language(s) can I learn in the app?
  • Will I be bothered by pop-ups and ads?

    2020 Flashcard apps basic comparison

    flashcard app comparisonYou can check 2019 Basic comparison of Flashcard apps here.

    Am I a gamer or a learner? Learning method and options are important

    As for Flashcard apps, their superpower is mainly in the effective spaced-repetition method.

    Surprisingly, the very popular Quizlet had this effective algorithm only in the paid Long-Term Learning but in 2020 it is changing its learning algorithm as follows here.

    Questions to ask yourself about the fitting learning method:

    • Will I remember words in long-term?
    • Do I want a simple learning method or more complex games?
    • Can I listen to the vocabulary pronunciation?
    • Can I mix my learning up by deciding which language do I see first — the one I know or the one I learn?

      2020 Flashcard apps and their learning quality comparison

    Learning methods of Flashcard apps

    Are games always the best way how to learn? And why some apps do keep it so simple? Read more here.

  • How easy and fun is it to track my progress in the app?
  • 2019 learning methods comparison is here.

    Trust in me or community: What type of vocabulary do I want to learn from?

    Questions to ask yourself:

    • Do I like to learn from community-made Word lists (other users created these Word lists)?
    • Do I want to learn from expert-made Word lists (native-speakers or language teachers created these Word lists)?
    • Do I want to learn only one language at a time or more?
    • Do I want to be told what I should learn next? (Some apps have prescribed lessons you have to follow.)

      2020 Flashcard apps and their learning materials comparisoncomparison of learning of Flashcard apps

    2019 learning materials comparison is here.

    Criticism and customer-support: What more is to get?

    • Do I want to report typos or bad translations in the app and rate Word lists?
    • Is the Flashcard app open to criticism by enabling to report bugs?
    • Can you easily import and export words in and out of the app?

    extra learning flashcards

    2019 extra comparison here.
    *available only after downloading a desktop app

    Choose the right app for you by comparing all the available information


    We tried to provide you with as many information as we have in order to decide on Vocabulary Miner development.

    The apps we take in question:

    You can also have a look at all these Quora threads dealing with the issue for more info and opinions:

    What are the best flashcards to build the English vocabulary?

    What is the best flashcard app for Android and iOS?

    What are the best flashcard apps for the iPhone?

    What is the best Flashcard app for Android?

    What is the best flashcard application for learning languages?

    What is the best app or website for flashcards?

    Good luck with finding the right app for your needs. We hope you say more every day!

    How to use Vocabulary Miner app? Check video … or more detailed tutorial here.

    Interested in more stories? We practice to #saymore on our Instagram, too.

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