10 new funny words coronavirus created

Zuzana Jun 10

Update your vocabulary but don’t become a Covidophile!

In this century, coronavirus marks a pretty big time and it has already resulted in many changes. In such “big times,” people get creative and come up with a whole new vocabulary that reflects their day-to-day reality.

Language is also a part of life that felt the presence of this new corona challenge, but people handled it with creativity and wit. Words just #saymore — they are a mirror of the era.

New words are evidence that language is not static and dead but rather thriving. Martin Kavka, a storyteller and copywriter, created Čeština 2.0, Czech web platform similar to Urban Dictionary, where he started to collect words and slangs that reality brings into the Czech language. His 2018 book Hacknutá čeština (Hacked Czech) became a Czech bestseller.

Coronavirus brings not only a new world but also new vocabulary in many languages

Martin Kavka says that “Čeština 2.0. has been ‘trolling’ the official Czech language since 2009”. He sees his initiative as a way to show that the Czech language is funny, witty, and has a bright future. New corona words that the Czech nation came up with, and that his web collected, is a valid proof of it:

Koronormalizace (coronormalization) loosening of the business and other activities within the scope of the conoravirus epidemics

Viřozvěst (corostradamus) a person who predicted the pandemic

Kontravirus (contravirus) alcohol one drinks in small doses as prevention against coronavirus

Koronovela (coro series) never-ending, detailed media coverage of coronavirus (Covid-19)

Koronoskopie (coronoscopy) examination and temperature measurements of someone (e.g. at the border) in order to reveal the coronavirus infection

Korosádlo (corofat) weight gain during the coronavirus pandemic

cooperation between Čeština 2.0 and Vocabulary Miner during coronavirus

It is not only the Czech language that managed to grasp the funny from the Covid-19. Also, the Urban Dictionary has some new words, like:

Covidiot someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety.
a person who hoards goods, such as facemasks and gloves, denying them to their neighbors.

Covidophile someone who loves and is obsessed with coronaviruses and coronavirus diseases

Coronalingus sex during the Coronavirus time of social distancing.

Noelle Mateer in this great article looked at different languages and collected new corona words from German, Chinese, Latvian, and more.

As you can see, reality and words walk hand in hand. They are both alive, ever-changing, and dynamic.
To help people express their reality in words, we put new words into the vocabulary learning app Vocabulary Miner.

There, people can train their creativity and imagination. Corona Word lists are available under keywords corona or #sayMoreInCzech in Czech-Czech and English-Czech combination. However, you can easily create your own Word lists that #saymore about your reality with Flashcard app and Google Translate for example.

How to use Vocabulary Miner app? Check video … or more detailed tutorial here.

Interested in more stories? We practice to #saymore on our Instagram, too.

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